Despite being a tracker, when I read Hunting Whitetails From On High it was a read that I could not put down. It not only held my attention, but served to help me better understand a whole different way of hunting deer. This is indeed a book that should have been written long ago, one that is sure to help legions of stand hunters become far better at their sport, and perhaps even better, themselves, for taking the time to read it.

R.G. Bernier Northeast Field
Editor Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine

Nowhere are whitetails more difficult to harvest than in Maine, where author David Libby lives and hunts. Deer numbers are low, hunting pressure is high, and the ratio of does to bucks resembles that of yuppies to woodsmen in a shopping mall. Quality deer management is an alien concept; consequently, the few bucks that survive to two and a half years of age are well educated veterans, inordinately wary of the methods that seem to work so well on television and in hunting magazines. If you live and hunt where such conditions exist, and have been frustrated in your attempts to apply the tactics of Midwestern whitetail commentators, then this book is for you. The author feels your pain: he does all of his hunting in the same kinds of places where you do, and has done so with a great deal of success. Adopt this book's common sense strategies, and you may well discover that deer are easier to take than you once thought.